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Team Body Spartan - Body Spartan

Lead  • Inspire • Motivate

If we can shift the way we think, if we can control our thoughts and focus on the goals and dreams that we so desire, they will become reality.

This is our creed.

We will not quit, we will not stop, we will not give up until we have inspired the masses and created a change so significant that it is felt across the world.

Get to know your team even better by viewing their individual profiles. These are the faces you will see, the people you will meet, and the minds that will change your life. You can click below for more information each team member.

Gabe Tuft

Gabe “T-Reks” Tuft is the founder of Body Spartan and is a retired professional wrestler whose stage name was Tyler Reks. He wrestled for WWE, Inc. on the RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and WWE Superstars brands from 2008 to 2012.

Gabe is also the previous owner of a personal training facility called Xclusiv Fitness which was located in San Clemente, CA.

A lifetime fitness advocate, Gabe is also the author of the original Body Spartan book. He has been lifting weights and training since he was 14 years old and now wants to share his knowledge with the world.

“The goal is not to be alpha. No, the goal is to inspire, motivate, and change lives. Through focusing our positive energy on the goals we’ve set, we can become limitless. By doing so, we can create a shift and encourage others to do the same. This is the true revolution. A revolution of positivity. A revolution of dreamers. A revolution of those that manifest their dreams into reality.”

Priscilla Tuft, co-founder of Body Spartan

Priscilla Tuft

Priscilla  is the co-founder of Body Spartan. International Fitness model and WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor, Priscilla Tuft a Licensed Sports Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition. She is an NASM certified personal trainer and detox specialist. She is well known in the fitness modeling industry and has been featured in a plethora of international ads and fitness magazines including Oxygen and the cover of Muscle Magazine. Priscilla coaches monthly online fitness, detox and weight loss challenge the first Monday of every month where she has helped her challengers lose over 1,000 pounds this year!

“After losing almost 100 pounds I believe that we are LIMITLESS in our ability to have the life that we deeply desire to live! My heartbeat is to motivate other women to take action in their lives. My vision is to pour out INSPIRATION in the lives of women who have forgotten their dreams and remind them that they are MADE FOR MORE. My passion is mentoring women of all types to help them find their own personal best in the areas of physical, financial and emotional FITNESS.”

Brian Cage Body Spartan

Brian Cage

Lucha Underground star, “Cage”, Former WWE Superstar, Nationally Qualified NPC Bodybuilder, AKA: “The F’ing Machine” Brian Cage earned his name, “The F’ing Machine” by being the unstoppable bodybuilder and professional wrestler that he is. His ability to mow down opponents in the ring with unlimited stamina is simply unmatched.

Brian was the star of the independent film remake of He-Man entitled, “The Fall of Grayskull”. He has also appeared on the Del Rey Network series, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, and has had numerous appearances on TNA (Spike TV).

Howard Perry

Howard Perry is a nationally qualified fitness competitor known for his amazing ability to motivate and be blatantly transparent with his own struggles. His truthfulness and honesty have allowed the masses to directly relate to his real-world struggles and through his success, he has inspired and motivated thousands.

Howard is also known as “Your favorite ginger” and “Captain Redbeard”. He’s a regular host on the Official Body Spartan Podcast and has been with Body Spartan since it’s very first day.

How to get the best pump

Brandon Griffith

At 26 years old, Brandon Griffith, is former Marine Corp, a Certified Personal Trainer, and has literally traveled the world. He is also a Fire Fighter with CALFIRE.

Sitting at a lean 230lbs, Brandon says,

“My goals are to continue to better myself and to also help others on a daily basis in any way I can – physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

An integral part of Team Body Spartan, Brandon oversees the custom nutrition plans for all Body Spartan clients and is actively involved in product development, promotion, and the future of the Body Spartan brand.

Safira Wulfsberg-Gesmundo

Safira Wulfsberg-Gesmundo

Safira is an NPC bikini competitor and fitness addict! Living a healthy lifestyle revolved around fitness has absolutely changed her life and she hopes to share this feeling with others.

Her journey into the fitness world began five years ago after overcoming Lymes disease.

“I was in the hospital for three months and lost thirty pounds: I could barely move and couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. I wanted more than anything to gain my strength and confidence back so I made a goal of doing a bodybuilding show within one year. The process gave me confidence, strength, motivation, and completely changed my demeanor for the best. I placed top 5 in my first show and have been in love with training ever since! My goal is to inspire and motivate everyone I can to change their lives the way I did, and unlock the incredible potential every person has to be the best they can be.”

David Larson is a brand ambassador for Body Spartan

David Larson

David Larson is an INBA/PNBA pro bodybuilder who took 5th in the Natural Olympia in 2017. He is highly regarded in the world of natural bodybuilding. David also follow the vegan lifestyle and has been for quite some time.

He is also the creator of Body Spartan’s Savage Shred Program, an intermittent fasting and shredding program that set records on it’s release in November 2018.